By renting from Designer Dresses you agree to our Hire Agreement. Please read this before purchasing. If you do not agree to all of the agreement, you may not use our services.


P A Y M E N T 

We accept bookings several months in advance. The payment is to be made at the checkout to secure your booking. If you wish to cancel your order you must email us at info@designerdresses.co.nz within 24 hours from the time of booking. If 24 hours has passed we do not allow cancelations or refunds. We also will not refund you if the dress has already been posted to you. Individual discount codes expire after 30 days. 



All courier fees include a prepaid return bag. There is an additional fee for Rural dresses and Saturday delivery. Please ensure you select the correct shipping method at the checkout. Failure to do so might result in your garment not arriving in time and you will not receive a refund for this. Rural delivery orders need to be placed at least 4 business days prior otherwise we will not refund you if your order arrives late. If you order after 3pm on a Thursday you must select Saturday delivery. Please call NZ Post (0800 COURIER) to confirm that Saturday delivery services are available in your area. Tracking details will be provided to you once we have sent the garment. Please note, if the order has been placed after 5pm on a Wednesday for the coming Friday or Saturday you will not be refunded if the order does not arrive on time and you are placing the order at your own risk. If the tracking number says the garment has been delivered but you can not find it you must contact us within 4 hours. Otherwise we will assume it has successfully been delivered and you will be liable to pay the full RRP if you claim you can not find it. If delivery has been attempted but not successful, and redelivery does not arrive at your desired time, we do not refund you for this as it is your responsibility to be accessible for the courier to successfully deliver the arrival of your garment.


R E T U R N 

Postal: Please put the garment into your prepaid return bag and drop it at a New Zealand Post Office by 4pm the following business day after your event. Please make sure to hand it over the counter, as opposed to postal drop box, otherwise the garment will experience delays and you will be charged a late return fee. Once the bag has been handed over the counter the tracking will activated and we will be able to see if you have dropped it off. If you lose the pre paid return bag please contact us for the postage address and post it with overnight courier. If not posted with overnight courier a $20.00 per day late fee will incur. Failure to return the garment on time or will incur a late fee of $20.00 per day. 

Pick up and drop off: You are able to select 'Pick Up' at the check out, this is free of charge. We are based in Epsom, Auckland. You are required to drop the garment back by 5pm the next business day after your event. You will be liable to pay the full RRP if you do not follow the correct drop off instructions and the dress is stolen. Failure to return the garment on time will incur a late fee of $20.00 per day.


W E A R 

Please avoid smoking areas and applying fake tan before wearing the garment. An extra charge will incur if the garment is received back with fake tan. Tanning solution is prone to settling in the garment and leaving permanent marks behind. If the garment is returned with stains or in a very dirty condition a cleaning/dry cleaning fee will be charged.  Please respect our dresses as if they were your own. 



 A refund will not be provided if the garment does not fit correctly. If you are unsure on sizing, style, fit, please contact us before you purchase as we do not refund if the garment does not fit. Refunds will not be given if you fail to provide the correct postal address or select the incorrect shipping option. It is up to you to ensure that all information given is correct when placing an order. A refund will be given if you cancel within 24 hours of booking your rental. You can email us at info@designerdresses.co.nz. You will not receive a refund if your garment has already been posted out to you. A refund will be given if the garment arrive damaged i.e. stained or ripped. However photo evidenced must be emailed to us within 2 hours of you receiving the garment. 


D A M A G E 

If damage occurs, you are liable to pay for the full cost of any repair. If the required repairs or damage affect any other future rentals of the garment you will be required to pay for these as well. If the garment can not be repaired to an appropriate standard or if the garment has been damaged beyond repair you are liable to pay the full retail price of the specific garment you rented. If the garment is returned with stains or marks that are permanent you are liable to pay the full retail price of the specific garment you rented. If the garment is received back with a cigarette hole or burn mark you are liable to pay the full retail price of the specific garment you rented. The full retail price for all garments can be found on www.designerdresses.co.nz. Under no circumstances are you able to keep the damaged garment.